Gifted Girls


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“What is a gifted or talented learner?”
Webster’s dictionary defines gifted as having great natural ability. Gifted students show academic or creative talents. These children often have leadership roles within their peer groups and tend to excel in specific fields or talent areas. Gifted children can understand abstract and difficult concepts, and often grasp these ideas more quickly than the average learner.

“What are characteristics of female students?”
Girls often tend to excel in verbal and linguistic abilities. They often spend time producing attractive or creative assignments. Female students can be people pleasers, especially since society encourages girls to be docile. Girls tend to be perceived as more emotional than boys, which may contribute to their people-pleasing nature.

“What the challenges of being a gifted female learner?”
Historically there have been fewer academically challenging opportunities for girls than boys. And yet, it can be difficult for girls to choose one specific career path because they are often interested in so many different things. Gifted girls tend to have less confidence in their math and science abilities even when they are talented in math and science. Girls will downplay their advanced talents to fit in with other girls, or to gain favor with the boys, and can even choose to take less advanced classes to stay with their favorite peers. This may contribute to why girls still score less than boys on many college entrance exams.

“What are the benefits of being a gifted female learner?”
Gifted girls tend to be more positive about school and academics in general. Partly due to their creativity and desire to do well, gifted girls have more internal focus and actually have an academic advantage over boys between 2 ½ and 14 years old. Gifted girls can be more socially skilled than their gifted male counterparts, and may have an advantage at understanding non-verbal cues when interacting with others.

GIFTED According to an 8th Grade Girl

Useful Resources
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